5 Ways to get your Business Known

You’ve set up your small business, but how many people know about it? Getting your business known is the key to success. The more people who are aware of the great products and services that you offer, the more people are likely to use you and the more money will come rolling through the tills to make all that hard work worthwhile.

So how do you go about getting your small business known? There are thousands of ways of doing it depending on budget, size, scope and whether you trade online or from a physical shop.

Here are just five ways to get your business known.

Be a resource

You must know a lot about the industry you are working in, otherwise you wouldn’t be in. Use that expertise to your advantage. Position yourself as an expert and a respected resource by offering free advice. If you are a sports therapist for example, post a weekly blog on stretches and exercises that can prevent injury. If people see you as a resource, then when the time comes for them to need one of the services you can provide, they will be much more likely to use you.

Run giveaways

Everybody loves something that is free. Some carefully thought out giveaways or discounts will entice people into using your business and if they like what they find, then there is every chance they will become repeat customers. It may seem counterintuitive to be giving stuff away for free, but plenty of businesses have found that the back-end value is worth the hit in the first place. Have a look at how to make money by giving stuff away for free.

Get yourselves in the news

You’ve probably heard Phineas T. Barnum’s famous phrase of “There is no such thing as bad publicity”, and while that might not be strictly true, getting yourself in the news is a sure fire way to help get your business known. Whether it be a local newspaper or an online publication like Consolidate Times US News, exposure in the press for sponsoring an event, releasing a new product or opening a new store will garner interest around your company. Advertising in newspapers may be dying down, but people still read the news and if they’re reading about your business, then you are going to become known.

Brand your vehicle

If you are a tradesman who is on the road a lot, then perhaps the easiest way to get your name out there is with a branded vehicle. Anybody who are doing a lot of driving can become a moving advertisement, increasing the exposure of your business as you travel from A to B.

Ask people for reviews

Other people’s opinions of your business have never been so important. In this day and age, everyone can be a critic whether it be through Trip Advisor, Google or Facebook reviews. Asking happy customers to share their positive experience of you through their social media channels means that you will then become visible to their friends and followers. It is a simple and free way of getting your name out there.

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