5 Career Options for an Accounting Degree

Getting a degree in accounting is one of the best ways you can ensure a positive outlook for your future. Those who work in accounting enjoy a higher level of career flexibility and lucrative paychecks, even at the entry-level position. Advancing your knowledge in the field is also a smart choice, such as pursuing a graduate degree. Getting an advanced degree in accounting can help you secure the top positions in this exciting field. Here are five potential career options for someone who has a degree in accounting.
5 Career Options for an Accounting Degree
1. Bookkeeper
The first type of job that could be yours if you have an accounting degree is a bookkeeper. A bookkeeper is someone who works for an organization and manages the company’s accounting and financial records. If you want to get a job in bookkeeping, you can get hired with an undergraduate degree in accounting. A capable bookkeeper can help a company stay focused on managing their budget effectively and increasing their potential profitability. This makes this position an invaluable one for a successful company.
2. Tax Accountant
Next, your accounting degree could have you working as a tax accountant. Tax accountants focus on tax filings for individuals or companies. You can also work as an independent tax accountant and acquire clients throughout the year. Most tax accountants find that their busiest time of year is in the beginning of the calendar year before tax filings are due on April 15th. Pursuing a graduate degree in accounting can help you be more capable and in-demand for this role. Northeastern’s online masters degree in taxation infographic explains some of the top issues that tax accountants encounter throughout the year.
3. Financial Advisor
Another possibility for top career potential with your accounting degree is working as a financial advisor. A financial advisor provides consultation services to people or corporations with large amounts of money. These professionals give advice about how to manage wealth and how to increase investment returns from the market. Financial advisors typically get attractive salaries as well.
4. Forensic Accountant
Some accounting graduates go on to become forensic accountants. This type of profession could put you into the fascinating world of criminal investigations. Forensic accountants may also work with the court system or government entities to focus on preventing instances of fraud. Like many other types of accountants, they could also be rewarded with healthy benefits and pay. Click here to learn about more potential benefits for this industry beyond high salaries.
5. Auditor
A final career option for the accounting major is to work as an auditor. Auditors work to analyze how money has been spent and how much money has come into an organization. Being an auditor for the IRS is one possibility for this job if you want career stability. Private companies also employ auditors to help reduce the chances of an IRS audit or evaluate a department’s use of funds.

If you’re ready to embark on a career in accounting, you have plenty of potential career pathways for your professional goals. You can choose from a variety of jobs that offer interesting work, great pay, and strong growth for the future.

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