How to Make Money as a Teen ?

Do you want to make money as a teen? Want to know some ways? But it is hard for some people to find something that can help them to make money. 

How to Make Money as a Teen

Moreover, the number of jobs cut down due to strict child labor laws. Local jobs are not paying enough to make some money as they need. 

However, there is no need to do a job if you want to make money as a teen as the internet is growing and providing you huge opportunities to grow yourself. It requires some effort in the beginning but after that, you will get what you want to earn.  

Here are some ways how to make money as a teen.

  • Instagram

We all are well aware of Instagram and if you want to make some money then never overlook this platform. There are various ways to make money from this media such as affiliate marketing, selling licenses, sponsored posts, and selling digital products.  

  • Taking Online Surveys

This is not an opportunity but some of the sites are offering money to pay rewards rather than cash. If you want to get rewards, then you can get the same through sites such as Survey Junkie, InboxDollars, iSurvey World, Lifepoints, and MyPoints.

  • Etsy

It is a website that can help you out to make money if you are interested in crafting. You can just do crafting and sell it on this website.  

  • Launch your blog

You can do blogging as a hobby or as a full-time business and there is no age limit to start with all this. You can take it as a hobby and start writing about the niche in which you have the expertise or deep knowledge or you love to share ideas. 

Set up a blog by choosing any topic but find out the field first in which you are interested in such as fashion, sports, personal health, life, or anything like that. You need to add content regularly which includes articles, podcasts, and videos as well. 

You will start making money through Google Adsense by showing ads on your blog but first off, get approval from Google. Moreover, you also an option of affiliate marketing programs as offered by Amazon, Flipkart, and other e-commerce websites.

  • Review products

You can give your review on various products and also, get your feedback from grades in school on the work quality. You can directly get in touch with the companies and review and they will pay you in return.  

  • Tutoring

If you have a good hold on any of the subjects and interested to share your knowledge with others, then tutoring is the best pick. You can go for any academic subjects such as Math, science, and English as these are high in demand. 

You can begin with an average rate and increase the price after getting enough experience and confidence to teach students in bulk. However, you can do it over the web through websites such as and 

YouTube account is all yours and you will get paid according to the count of views on each video tutorial.

Final thought

So, these are some ways to make money as a teen and all these are legal too. You can pick up the one that fits best for you.  

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