4 Ways Technology is Improving the Hiring Process

As nearly every career and job field has started to include more and more technology in their day-to-day operations, it should come as no surprise that the hiring process has begun to adapt to these advancements in technology. Luckily, the inclusion of these advancements has improved the hiring process. Whether you are a company looking to hire new employees or you are a potential employee seeking a job, here are some ways that technology has worked to improve the hiring process for both parties involved. 


Technology allows us to create an online brand

As the hiring process moves even more online, it is more important than ever to be conscious of your company’s online reputation. When job listings are online, it is more likely that potential candidates will turn to your company’s website to do their research about your culture and values. While this is great for highlighting your company’s positive aspects, keep in mind that any negative comments and reviews can come to light. With your reputation in mind, you’ll want to cultivate a positive work experience that is open and honest about your company’s values. Don’t forget about your reputation and brand on social media


Instead of having the candidate walk blindly into the interview, your website can help to inform them about your company’s mission and goals. Through testimonials from current employees, you can provide candidates with a glimpse into the typical workday experience they can expect as an employee.


 Technology allows us to assess skills

Instead of relying on a resume as the sole representation for your candidate before an interview, technology now allows us to utilize skill assessment technologies prior to your first interview. Assessment platforms enable recruiters to screen candidates through testing for various skills or qualities necessary to fill the role. These assessment tests can even be customized according to your own company’s branding and culture to make sure they’ll be a good fit. 


In addition to assessing your potential candidates’ skills, it is also beneficial to assess their background. Through an online background check, you can gain the confidence that your candidate will be an excellent representative for your company through looking at their former employment and experiences. 


Technology allows us to reach a larger audience

With video chat and virtual offices, many companies have perfected their remote work processes to move into a fully remote work experience. Through this shift into remote work, your company can expand your audience outside of your local community. By reaching a larger hiring pool, you can find even stronger and talented candidates who fit the criteria for your ideal employees to represent your company. Through designated job boards or even social media groups, you can place your job listing where the candidates who are best suited for the position can find them. 


Technology allows us to reduce bias

Unfortunately, as humans, it is hard to avoid bias when interacting with other people—especially in the hiring process. To avoid the natural human tendencies towards bias, artificial intelligence (AI) programs can help your company during the hiring process. By removing the innate human element from this, the AI-algorithms can create a standardized method for determining the desirable traits you want in candidates. By implementing AI technologies into the hiring process, or even further into your HR practices, we can remove bias. 


Technology can be our friend. These technological advancements have been extremely beneficial for creating a more straightforward and in-depth hiring process. With the continued introduction of technologies, the hiring process will only become easier and easier as technology grows. It is exciting to think of how our professional relationship with technology will evolve in the future.




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