Top 7 Money Saving Tips

Here are top 7 daily money Saving tips for every one

Top 7 Money Saving Tips

Replace Tubelights with LED Power Saving lights

Replacing standard light bulbs with energy saving light bulbs and led lighting that although are slightly more expensive to buy initially, in the long run energy saving light bulbs will save you a ton of money on power bills. Energy saving lighting also lasts longer before replacement is needed. They are also less sensitive to blowing filaments during power surges.

Buy rechargeable batteries

Buying rechargeable batteries and a battery charger pack will save you continually purchasing batteries for devices such as kids toys, cameras, TV remotes, alarm clocks, air conditioning remotes, torches and so on. NiMH rechargeable batteries are now more reliable and longer lasting than their Ni-cad predecessors, and faster to charge. NiMH rechargeable batteries can be recharged thousands of times and often stored for long periods of without losing power, so they are ready when needed. Using rechargeable batteries in kids toys alone will save you heaps. Buying normal cheap batteries is a waste of time and money.

Don’t buy Newspapers or Magazines.

Read the free news feeds on the internet, don’t buy newspapers it seems barbaric. Reading the News online ensures you get updated information, not old news. You can even look at the mobile news sites while your waiting around. The internet has more celebrity gossip than magazines could ever imagine. Magazines get most of their hot  stories from sources on the internet. Celebrity blogs often break or leak new stories first. The only reason to buy a newspaper would be to look for advertised specials on items you may want to purchase, try looking in a free local newspaper.

Try generic brands

Often they are made buy the same companies that make the brand you love and trust. Unfortunately you get in a habit of robotic state when you go to the supermarket or store, buying the same item you have for years before. Never really thought about it, have you ? Obviously there are some brands you cant go with out, because the quality is superior. Classic Coke ! Often if you ask your pharmacist or doctor about generic brands you will save a heap of money. Recently I compared 2 brands of head ache tablets, same ingredients, one made locally, one overseas, one 8 times the price. Result headache gone either way.

Save loose change

Loose change ads up over time. Buy the cheapest piggy bank you can find or ask the bank for a free one Put all your loose change into it on a regular basis, coins are heavy to carry around anyway. When it feels heavy enough count it and take it to the bank. I used to use an empty ice cream container, I was amazed how much small change ended up in their. It was enough to pay a bill.


Buy bulk and save on items

Non perishable goods that you are probably going to use are useful to buy in bulk providing you have some where to store it  Don’t go Doomsday prepper, buy a couple of months worth in a big container like washing up detergent, washing powder or toilet rolls. Even buy 2 for 1 deals if you actually save money. Often buying bigger works out cheaper. Compare and save.

Cook only what you need, eat leftovers, eat more vegetables

A kitchen can be an expensive place. Try to portion only what you will need. eat leftovers promptly and ensure they have been refrigerated correctly. Buy seasonal vegetables in season, or consider frozen or tinned if out of season. Adding vegetables to meat dishes can save money and be healthy to.




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