Tips For Hiring A Marketing Manager For Your Small Business

If you’re a small business owner who wants to transform into theowner of a much larger company, then it may be time to hire a marketing manager. Delegation is important for growth and frees up your time to focus on other ventures. Of course, deciding on whom to employ isn’t easy, especially considering their fundamental role in the future of your company.

ScrutiniseTheir Qualifications

Whileeducation isn’t everything, it is still very important to examine marketing manager qualifications. You want to confirm that your new hire trained at a good institution and completed their course. If a person can’tcommit to finishing their training then how do you expect them to commit to growing your business?

Determine If They Know The Net

There is no point hiring a marketing manager that is stuck in the past. It’s 2018,and every company is connecting with their customers via a company website and social media accounts.

Makesure your potential hire is up to date with the latest SEO techniques and is experienced in social media marketing. Having the skills to develop your brand online is crucial.

That’s not to say that more traditional marketing methods should be chucked out. They may still playan important role. However, depending on the nature of your business, chances are you’re going to covert most sales from your online presence.

Ask What Successful Projects They Have Managed

A good marketing manager should have worked ona variety of successful campaigns in the past. These could have been either online or real-worldcampaigns(preferably both). They should be able to describe them to you and explain their level of success.

If a project wasn’tsuccessful, then they should be able to explain what went wrong and how they would do things better next time. No marketer is going to be 100% successfully,and any that make this claim are either liars or have so little experience that they haven’t yet experienced a failure.

Look For Good Value

As a small business owner, thechances are that you don’t have the biggest budget, so look for someone that offers value and is prepared to have their salary grow as the company grows. If you simply can’t afford the cost of a full-timeemployee then consider part-time alternatives.

See If They CanSell Themselves

If a candidate can’t sell themselves at an interview then how are they ever going to sell your products/services? While everyone is nervous at interviews, your potential hire should be able to demonstrate their personality and ideas right from the start.

A serious applicant should have already researched your business,andmay even havesuggestions for improvements to your marketingcampaigns.

Final Thoughts

Marketing is key to developing any business,and the person you end up hiring will have a major impact on your company’s future. That’s why it pays to be as fussy as possible. Make sure you only settle for someone that is qualified, experienced and has your best interests in mind.

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