Tips When Buying Real Estate in Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Tips When Buying Real Estate in Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Guanacaste is a province located in north-western Costa Rica. Bordering the Pacific, it is known for its idyllic beaches and its biodiverse parkland. Home to a dry tropical forest, which is a rarity in itself, is the Santa Rosa National Park. There are 250 bird species to be seen here and surfing sites for those wanting to be part of the action and feel like they are flying. The beaches in Guanacaste will seem almost endless. You have Playa Hermosa, famed for its water sports and diving activities, and Playa Blanca that is known for its calm waters to choose from. For those into golf, this takes place in the luxury resort of Papagayo Peninsula.

So, knowing a bit more about this region of Costa Rica, now for some tips on how to find a home in Guanacaste.

Know Your Property Rights Abroad

The good news for those buying real estate in Costa Rica is that foreigners mostly have the same rights when it comes to purchasing land as those of the locals. A property can be owned in an individual’s name or the name of their corporation.  A local partner is only required in cases where there is a beachfront concession property, as it is called. In these circumstances, special rules will apply that you will need to be aware of. A real estate agent will be able to advise you on this.

So, the equality experienced in Costa Rica when it comes to the majority of property and land rights is a real plus when looking for real estate there.


Wherever you are considering residing in the world, you should check the place out in terms of its safety as a place to live. This will affect how pleasant and safe it is for you and how it will be viewed by others who might desire to buy your real estate investment from you in the future. It is particularly important to find out this local knowledge if you are moving from a completely different part of the world.

Again, it is good news because Costa Rica is considered very safe. It is one of the safest countries in Latin America.

If you a foreign buyer, you should still bear in mind that there will always be those that love to exploit naïve ex-pats who are looking to make Costa Rica their dream location. So, the safety tip here is to choose a reputable real estate agent to help you buy that dream property.

Learn the Language

Another tip when buying real estate in Guanacaste, Costa Rica, as with buying property anywhere in Costa Rica, is to know some Spanish or become familiar with the language, if it is not already your first language. Although there will be those that can communicate in other languages, it always helps with understanding and getting on with the residents to know their first and perhaps only language.

So, what is the language of Costa Rica? Well, the country’s predominant language is Spanish. A variety of it is spoken. Costa Rican Spanish is a form of Central American Spanish in terms of looking it up and learning some keywords from the local dialect.

Although it is not essential to know Spanish to buy in Costa Rica, there is certainly no harm in learning it. Making the effort can only help you to achieve the best deal and to become one of the locals when you have made that real estate purchase.

You may find it useful to obtain a tourist guide to Costa Rica when looking to purchase property there. This will tell you about its beaches, hotels, and tourist attractions. A guide useful to a holidaymaker will give you some idea of what is in Costa Rica for you to enjoy when you live there. Of course, you could always go on holiday there first and find out before making any decisions.

In conclusion, when buying real estate in Guanacaste, Costa Rica we should think about property rights and know those, particularly if wanting a beach view, be aware of safety in terms of potential exploitation, and know that the predominant language is Spanish. It is easy enough to obtain a Spanish phrasebook so that you are as much on an equal playing field as the rights you can enjoy with the residents when it comes to buying most property in Costa Rica.

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