Major Technological Improvements for Lawyers in Dubai

It won’t be wrong to say that the 21st century has been century of technological innovation for Dubai and it surely deserves it. All business sectors in Dubai have undergone huge development including the areas of law which has made the lives of the lawyers in Dubai easy, secure and fast. Following are some landmark achievements made by Dubai in the areas of law,

  • Communication Method

Now the lawyers and advocates don’t have the difficulty communicating with courts and clients due to the fact that the communication mode has changed from just only telephones to mobile phones and letters to emails and messages.

  • Following Up

They are able to follow up online with courts and clients for this to happen all they need is a computer and an internet connection to log on

  • Send & Receive Documents

With the help of email or cloud based file transfer service all of the lawyers can easily send their documents or even receive the necessary.

  • Faster Process

Due to all processes being switched online the local court or litigation procedures are now faster in many ways like quicker transactions and document submissions

  • Safety

All your documents are now safer and secure online as compared to the old days when you had put them in a locker but not anymore there are methods used to safeguard your information online

  • Confidentiality

Higher confidentiality as compared to the older days with more advanced mechanism so to make it available only to those needed

  • Software Creation

You can even develop software for the lawyers to help them schedule, store, update and more which helps them organize, speed up and remember

Negative aspects of technological transformation:

  • Wrong Usage

There is always negative side when we talk about technology and the misuse is one of them if the technology can benefit us will so harm us too. Any illegal transaction or submission of document by a lawyer is clearly a misuse of authority by means of technology

  • Hacking

This does not happen often but people looking to steal some information or money can do hack into systems which of course is the downside of technology

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