How a CPA Can Help You

A Certified Public Accountant (CPA) is an individual who has both taken and passed the CPA exam and met the necessary work experience requirements in order to be licensed. The United CPA Association is a valuable resource for connecting to an accounting professional who can help you in a variety of ways.

Certified Public Accountant

Prepare Your Taxes Efficiently

Preparing your state and federal taxes each year can be an arduous task. If you own your own business or have multiple sources of income, your taxes may be complicated. A CPA can help you to go through each item and make sure that you don’t miss any important tax write-offs or benefits. Even if your taxes are not especially complex, a CPA’s in-depth knowledge of the current tax laws is always helpful.

Save For Your Child’s Future

If you are planning to establish a college fund or trust for a child or grandchild, a CPA can help. For those without a financial background, it can be difficult to navigate all of the options and determine which plan or type of account to choose, but a qualified professional with a CPA license will have the knowledge and tools to help you through the process.

As you move forward in making important financial decisions, be sure to seek out a CPA. He or she will prove to be an invaluable resource for you and your family.

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