Freight Shipping and Your Freight Bill

Freight Shipping and Your Freight Bill

Anyone looking to transport their household goods interstate has various concerns, and part of this is the need to understand their financial obligations to the freight shipping company. If you are just about to move and have contracted the services of a professional freight shipping company, it is upon the freight shipping company to clearly stipulate the charges attached to each service. Make sure the freight shipping company will stand behind their freight quote.

In order to pay for the transportation charges, your freight shipping company must present to you a freight bill which contains a list of all services provided and the charges for each. Most users will use a copy of the bill of lading as a freight bill. However, some users will prepare an entirely separate document for this purpose.

The freight shipping company must clearly identify all the accumulating costs for each service, stating the rate at which the service is being charged and the total cost. It is upon you as the client to ensure that you only pay for those services included in the freight bill. If something is not on the freight bill, do not pay for it. Where a shipment is moving on a binding estimate it may not be possible to specifically identify individual services and charges.

Freight shipping companies will usually offer several options of payment, including cash, certified check or cashier’s check.

Usually, freight shipping companies will not accept personal checks but it is nevertheless important to check with your specific freight shipping company on what their policy is on matters of payment modes. Some shippers will use freight factoring companies which may accept personal checks.

In the same way that you have certain rights when your shipment is being transported, your freight shipping company has their own rights too. For instance, if you do not meet your financial obligations towards the freight shipping company (that is, you fail to pay the transportation charges), the freight shipping company has the right to refuse to deliver your goods. In the event that you fail to pay the charges at the time of delivery, the freight shipping company will store your household goods in a warehouse of their convenience, and any storage charges accrued will be put on your tab.

You will only be able to access the household goods after you have paid 100% of the charges. Also, if you notice any errors in the freight bill while the shipment is in transit, the next logical step is to contact the freight shipping company’s main office or driver or local agent, depending on which is convenient for you.

Your freight shipping company is required to present to you freight bill within 15 days of delivery of your shipment, and this applies for ‘to be prepaid’ shipments. For ‘collect’ shipments, the freight shipping company is expected to present the freight bill on the date of delivery, or if it so wishes, within 15 days of delivery.

Always ensure you have covered all areas as far as payment is concerned before agreeing to a contract with a prospective freight shipping company and if you are looking for the best freight quote, you can search online to get a freight quote from dozens of the best freight shipping companies in the U.S.

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