Charleston Closing Costs and Other Real Estate Considerations

When buying real estate, wherever it may be, it is important to factor in all the costs of buying a house. Collectively, these costs should determine how far your budget will stretch in terms of your offer and make sure that you are not caught out by ending up paying more than you expected, and so having no money left over for a holiday.

One of your considerations should be closing costs. So, let us think about what these are and how they impact buyers of real estate in Charleston, South Carolina.

For further details about them, you can go to In addition, we will think briefly about closing costs and then the other costs involved with buying real estate, so that you know what else to take into account financially.

Closing Costs

At the point at which a property is conveyed to a buyer, there will be closing costs to pay. These are fees in addition to the down payment. They can include title insurance, appraisals, attorney fees, and taxes, to name a few.

Buyers should expect to pay between 2 and 5 percent of their purchase price in closing costs. At Charleston’s median listing price of $338,000 for a home, this would equate to paying between $6,760 and $16,900 in closing costs.

Interest Rates

Another large expense with a mortgage will be the interest rates that you have to pay, depending on your mortgage contract. This will depend not only on what your mortgage lender is offering but the state of the economy at the time. This is worth checking out and factoring in. You will also need to allow a margin to prepare for changes in interest rates as economies perform better or worse during the period of the mortgage, which will be a long one.

Home Improvements

The average cost to remodel a house is thought to be in the range of $19,800 to $73,200. This is dependent upon the size of a home and the quality of materials used. Also, it will depend on the house that you choose, because it may not need anything doing to it at all. You can ask your real estate agent to only show you houses that do not require much home improvement, if any, except your desire to change things to fit in with your taste. You should always allow for this possibility, as you will not necessarily want to keep everything as it is, no matter how beautiful the view outside.

Having said that, Charleston in South Carolina does have some beautiful and famous landmarks to take your eyes elsewhere while you decide on home décor changes. These landmarks include the Ravenel Bridge, Fort Sumner, the Angel Oak Tree, antebellum mansions, fountains, and lighthouses. Ravenel Bridge is a cable-stayed one that spans over the Cooper River for 1,546 feet in terms of its main span. It is the third-longest of its kind in the Western Hemisphere. Fort Sumner is a military fort named after Edwin Vose Sumner, former New Mexico Territory military governor. For those into the environment, and who value the importance of trees, the Angel Oak Tree is considered legendary. It is more than 60 feet tall and wide-topped. It is special because normally oak trees will grow out and not upwards. Its long history has dictated its growth. This tree is a sight to behold, indeed, and something you can live near to with pride. Also, you have the antebellum mansions, which are large, elegant plantation homes built 30 years or so before the American Civil War (1861-1865), to admire.

In conclusion, when buying a home in Charleston, we should factor in both closing costs and anticipated interest rates that impact our mortgage repayments, depending on our mortgage agreement. Also, home improvements should be considered, as even if you are happy with the outside of a property, there are sure to be improvements that we want to make inside to please us. These costs all add up and can be within budget as long as we consider them all from the start and as part of the buying process.

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