4 Things You Never Want To Have To Pay For

Usually, you think of money as something that you can exchange for something else that you want. You pay for a pair of jeans. You pay for a movie ticket. You pay for some food. You pay someone else to mow the lawn for you. All of these times you’re exchanging one thing of value for another thing of value. When it comes to your money though, there are definitely a few things that you never want to have to pay for, and there are ways to make sure this wish becomes a reality.

You never want to pay bail money. You never want to pay a high credit card interest rates continually. Having any extensive or extended school debt is going get to you. And parking violation tickets can be the absolute worst.

Bail Money


If you or someone that you know gets in trouble, you may have to post bail. It is an unfortunate way to have to spend money. Assuming the people, yourself included, stay out of trouble, hopefully you’ll never have to deal with the situation. If you do, things can get expensive quickly, and long-term payment plans are the norm.

Credit Card Interest Rates


Even though you can put purchases on your credit card and go into debt, that doesn’t mean it’s a good idea. One of the best ways to avoid credit card fees is to pay your credit card off every month. And that means you have to have that money in your bank account when the bill comes due. If you don’t want to pay ridiculous interest rates, only buy what you could afford anyway. This is the single most important rule of thumb when it comes to credit that you can follow.

Extensive School Debt


School debt figures into things that you don’t want to pay for in the long term either. People are amazed that after borrowing $20,000, they may be expected to pay two or three times that much back with interest included over an extended term of the loan. Put all of your money back to pay off that debt as soon as possible to avoid those long-term interest fees.

Parking Violation Tickets


Especially if you live in or around a major city, you know the parking tickets are a real bear. If you try to cut corners, trouble. If you don’t pay attention to signs, trouble. If you don’t know your surroundings, more trouble. That’s when you get your parking tickets. And if you don’t pay them on time, the fees start to go up almost exponentially. Be safe and smart with your car, and you won’t have to worry about those long-term violation fees, which occasionally end up in getting licenses suspended.

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