3 Ways to Prepare Yourself For Moving Up The Ladder

If you’re looking to further your career and make more money off the work you’re doing, one of the best ways to do this is by moving up the ladder. However, this idea is often intimidating to many people within the workforce. Luckily, there are quite a few things you can do to prepare yourself for a big move up the ladder that will make you more money and help you further your career in the process. To show you how, here are three ways you can prepare yourself for moving up the ladder.

Keep Track Of Your Successes

To get yourself in a good position to move up the ladder, you have to be able to report to a hiring manager or other decision maker about the successes you’ve had in your career thus far. To be able to do this at short notice, Randall S. Hansen, a contributor to LiveCareer.com, recommends that you always keep a running tally of your professional successes. This means that you have quantifiable numbers or bullet points at the ready to share with those who could help you move into a new position further up the ladder. By keeping track of everything you’ve done to help your company’s bottom line or improve its functionality, it won’t be as hard to come up with these facts when you’re in a job interview.

Become More Valuable

Readying yourself for a job further up the ladder requires you to improve upon your current abilities so that you become more valuable and worthy of a bigger job with bigger pay. Luckily, there are a number of ways you can do this, and probably some that you haven’t even thought of. According to Francesca Di Meglio, a contributor to Monster.com, becoming more valuable could include getting a license or certification, learning an applicable language, building up your soft skills, creating stronger business relationships and more. Anything that would make you a more key player in a company could work wonders for making your a more valuable asset to have on the payroll.

Create Your Own Position When Possible

If you’re looking to move up the ladder within your current organization, Dawn Rasmussen, a contributor to Work It Daily, suggests looking for ways you could create your own position that’s a step up the ladder from where you currently are. As someone closer to the ground level, you may be able to see needs more clearly than those higher up, which could make you particularly suited for a position that doesn’t even exist yet. So if you see a need and know you could fill it, consider speaking to your boss about this possibility.

To help yourself move further and further up the ladder, consider using the tips mentioned above to jumpstart your progress today.

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