3 Tips For Using Die Cutter More Efficiently

The world of paper designing has been gifted with an awesome machine called a die cutter. This machine is capable of providing with endless possibilities in designs, which were otherwise hard to manage manually. It does not matter if you own a manual or digital one; the operation of both types is just about speed. Nevertheless, both machines are quite accurate in providing with beautiful results. This post will guide you through some tips that will help you in using the die-cutting machine better. Remember that these tips are usable for all types of die cutters.

  • Ensure that you cutting mat remains intact

Digital die cutting machines often accompany cutting mats that become flawed after using it often. These end up losing their tackiness overtime, but there are ways to extend their life. You can do that by re-sticking the mat. For that, you will need to spray some cleaning solution over its surface. Then you will have to use a plastic scraper to remove any residue or adhesive sticking over the cutting mat. Then use a glue pen to cover the complete mat with the adhesive, and leave it to dry. Remember to use glue that becomes an adhesive temporarily when dry. This will extend the life of your cutting mat.

  • Ensure accurate cuts

Using a digital die cutter may be problematic at times when it comes to clean cuts. In addition, this may be even more troubling when you are using complicated designs and images on a thick paper. You may first want to enable the double cutting mode on your device. This function, which is available in some machines, will let you cut the paper twice using the cutting blade. This way, you can get a cleaner cut using your die cut machine. You might also want read the 40W Co2 Laser Engraving Cutting Machine Engraver Review.

  • Ensure better coordination between the dies and the stamps

This tip is important, as it will give you better cuts. This require a coordinated impact on the paper or fabric of choice to bring out a flawless design. If the die and stamp are not in place, then it can cause the design to ruin. Thus, to keep every component in place, you can line them up in position one after other. After that, you can use tape or post-it note to stick the sides of the die so that the paper and stamps are immobile inside the mats. Cover them all properly and run through the die cut machine. Peel off the tape or stick note carefully. Then, you will be able to release the die cut print easily. Using an adhesive paper like a sticky note will keep the paper in place without tearing it so that you can easily run it through the machine. Thus, you can get the best results using this technique.  

Following such tips will enable you to create the most intricate designs and the best cuts. Remember to use such tips after proper practice.

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