Ways to Help People Financially Without Stressing Your Own Pocketbook


So many people in the world are having financial trouble. You could be making a thousand times more than somebody else, but life circumstances make it so that at the end of the month, the numbers are too close for comfort and it just isn’t in the budget to help others out financially like you might have the desire to do. If this is you, but you really have to desire to help others out, especially as it pertains to finances, here are ways you can do that and still be okay:

Spend Your Money in Places that Support Others

There are a billion businesses out there, and when it comes to businesses, not all are equal. Some business owners are thee most evil and selfish people that exist. Everything they do is for a selfish motive. They don’t care about their clients, they don’t care about the world, they just want to see the numbers in their bank account climb.

There are also business owners who don’t operate like this and live to see that others are being taking care of, loved on, and helped. If you have to spend money in life, spend it at businesses that give back and support others. You have to spend money, but you have a choice of where to spend it, so if you’re unable to just give for the sake of giving, at least spend where the money will matter and make the most difference.

Ways to Help People Financially

Open Up Your Home

If you don’t have a lot of money to spend, but you do have a home to offer to people, this is a good as a financial donation. Maybe a family in need has no place to sleep and no food to eat, but if you have a bed and a pantry, you have something to give that will lessen the financial strain on the people you’re helping without taking too much out of your own pocketbook. You can offer a shower, a place to sleep, a hot meal, and entertainment right in your home and the people you’re helping won’t have to spend a cent. It’s an easy way to make a difference without spending too much.

Donate Your Stuff

Seeing as you can spend so much money on things in life, a person who doesn’t have money to spend has just as much need to spend it. If you want to help people financially but aren’t able to give straight money, look around and see what you have around. Do you have an extra table around the house that would be better used in somebody else’s life? Do you have several coats that aren’t really being used to their full potential?

If you really want to help, give away your belongings. Don’t go through an enterprise that is going to take part of the profit. Search around, talk to somebody on the street, ask them what they need, and offer up the thing that fills that need from your own stuff.

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