Make Money Improving Your Home: Top Projects Around The House


Buying a home is one of the most important investments of a person’s life.  Visualizing a house as an investment is supposed to be a bad idea, but the reality is that no one stays in their first home.  It makes sense that homeowners would want to maximize the resale value of their property.

The best rule to remember when considering renovations and upgrades is to enhance qualities of the home the will benefit the people currently occupying the property.   Take a moment to read over this brief summary highlighting a few of the most financially beneficial projects around the house.

The kitchen still rules the roost

Make Money Improving Your Home

Improvements in the kitchen area of the home are always great for resale value.  Buyers have long focused on the kitchen composition.  The typical top of the list for potential homebuyers is a modern, newly remodeled kitchen.

If the homeowner is not the first owner of the property, it is better to make smaller, more cost-effective improvements.  It is not recommended to tear the whole room down to the studs and begin from scratch.  The cost of a complete overhaul is expensive.

Floor plans that work harder

The size of the home’s floorplan is not necessarily the main target of house hunters.  The way in which the space works for the people living in the home matters much more than the square footage.  A finished basement, for example, will boost a property’s value by 4-6 percent.

Another sought after element in a property is office space.  Young professionals are working from home more now than ever before.  Office space can be flexible.  It does not have to be an office.  The space could serve as a small bedroom or oversized storage space as well.

Energy efficiency is crucial

Lowering the energy costs of a property benefits everyone.  Not only will the occupants save on energy bills, but a “green” home is better for the environment overall.  Energy efficiency is second to a safe community when buyers list what they seek out first in a potential home.

Use only the most efficient lighting, the best window and door sealants, and do not forget to upgrade the water heater.  Water heating accounts for close to 20 percent of a home’s energy costs.  It is always a safe bet to invest in Energy Star, energy efficient appliances.

Paint always boosts value 

A coat of paint will forever be one of the most inexpensive home improvements of them all.  Simply brightening up the walls of a home can boost equity and buyer’s interests.  Painting should always be on the list of things to do before placing a property on the market.

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