International Growth in Real Estate Crowdfunding Model is Revolutionary

Real estate crowdfunding has been around for a while, and it seems that the entire buzz surrounding its recent growth centers on the domestic market in the United States. While this growth has certainly been impressive, one should not discount the reality that international growth has been realized within the real estate crowdfunding platform and model as well. This growth is truly revolutionary, and it is certainly still evolving as more and more investors from all walks of life begun to under the potential of this medium.

Trends in the International Real Estate Crowdfunding Arena

Investment trends may come and go, but the real estate market globally seems to always be progressively moving along to one degree or the other. Prior to social media on the Internet, international investors were largely immune from this trend, however, as it was difficult to really conduct the research necessary to learn about potential projects in operation around the global that might present a solid investment opportunity. With domestic real estate markets becoming crowded, serious and novice investors alike are looking to branch out and realize significant rewards elsewhere. As it is difficulty to travel to far away places to examine potential investment targets, real estate crowdfunding has become increasingly possible because the possibilities come to the investor.

The reality is that crowdfunding is not going away. In fact, there are now multiple crowdfunding platforms in full effect in various nations around the world. While there are many types of investments being promoted on these sites, many of them focus specifically on the real estate market. A recent report has highlighted the truth that of the top sectors for seasoned investors around the world to be involved into day under Title II of the JOBS Act (legislation based in the United States), two of the top three are related directly to real estate. This fact alone highlights the popularity of real estate crowdfunding platforms, to the point that many new ones have already launched in the first half of 2015, and there is no sign of this slowing down any time soon.

International Growth in Real Estate Crowdfunding Model is Revolutionary

Specialized Platforms Are Now Emerging

As Fundrise Reviews reveal, the number of unique crowdfunding platforms that are emerging is yet another indicator that the international sector is growing. In fact, there are certain areas of industry and life that are growing internationally, which is opening up new real estate endeavors and projects that many investors are increasingly becoming interested in. An example of this can be reflected in the rise of the medical industry, and this goes for both the developed and the developing world. There is a significant and noticeable rise in the number of hospitals and living facilities designed for the elderly being built, particularly in Asia.

As with Fundrise , not only is this attracting the interest of American based investors looking to move some of their real estate dollars into a foreign market, but the number of Asian investors becoming involved themselves is rising substantially. These are huge infrastructure based projects that have the potential of developing large returns in the future, yet they are being funded almost entirely through real estate crowdfunding platforms. This begins to demonstrate the growth nature of the industry, and illustrates why it is increasingly turning into an international affair.

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