Glen Gonzalez Success as an Entrepreneur

Houston is home to many entrepreneurs, investors and businessmen, but Glen Gonzalez is an individual who stands out in terms of diverse experience and community service. Gonzalez, who is now an executive at TJG capital, a private investment firm in Houston, began his career in economics with a bachelor’s degree in political science from the University of Southern California. In total, Gonzalez has over 20 years of executive experience in various fields. Gonzalez has worked as an advertising executive in New York. He has also supervised ad campaigns for several well-known names including Anne Klein and Burger King.

Glen Gonzalez Success as an Entrepreneur

Gonzalez continued his time in marketing with a stint as marketing director at Us Weekly. Afterwards, however, he began his career as an executive with AGE Refining and AGE Transportation. Gonzalez served as CEO for both companies for eight years from 2002 to 2010. During his time with the AGE companies, Gonzalez sharpened his leadership and demonstrated his ability to guide a large corporation through remarkable market fluctuations. He led the company through a peak EBITDA of over $30 million.

After his eight-year term with AGE, Gonzalez built his business acumen by beginning a company of his own. He became CEO of his crude oil company, The Tierra Companies. Never one to stay in one company for too long, however, Gonzalez managed the company with an eye for moving up. As CEO, he orchestrated the companies’ interests in Eagle Ford Shale for three years. A major advancement for The Tierra Companies included an expansion of transportation services so they could better access and serve the Shale. This in turn connected several other companies to the area, which stimulated the economy and the growth of business around crude oil service in Texas.

In July of 2012, reports noted that The Tierra Companies, which Gonzalez based in San Antonio, were poised for an effective takeover of the valuable Shale. Though the company was successful, Gonzalez opted to undergo a career shift. In 2013, The Tierra Companies was sold to Tester Midstream. He then established TJG, where he currently serves as CEO and manages a variety of private investment interests. The company is based in Houston, which is where Gonzalez currently resides.

Though Gonzalez devotes a considerable amount of time to business and leadership, he also leaves time for philanthropy and community engagement. Gonzalez was appointed to the Board of Houston’s Contemporary Arts Museum. Early in his career, Gonzalez worked in production for an independent film called All Over Me. The film was released by Fine Line Features. He also has experience in the publishing industry. His extensive time spent in different economic sectors has made him particularly well-rounded for an investment CEO. He also has supported Safe Space NYC, Diverse Works, and the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston. Gonzalez has funded many nationwide causes, including March of Dimes, Planned Parenthood and the Rising Tide Project. He has become involved in philanthropy in every area he has lived in including New York, San Antonio and Houston.

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