Core Skills You Need to Run a Successful Business

As well as grit and determination, running a business demands a lot from you. You need a range of skills to make your business work and hold all the pieces of your business together. While some of these skills are inbuilt, a number of them will have to be developed over time. Difficulties, late nights, financial challenges, and having to maintain positive business relationships are all ways that you may be challenged and may end up developing key skills. If you have worked in a business before, there is a likeliness that you’re already familiar with many of these skills. This article, however, will explore three core skills that you need to run a successful business, as well as ways to improve them.


If you have run a business before or watched others do so, there’s a great chance that you realize the significance of communication. You will have to do things such as liaise with prospective and existing clients, network, build working relationships with staff, and communicate with suppliers. To carry out these tasks effectively, efficient communication skills are paramount. There is always room for improvement, so even if your communication skills are good, there are a few ways that you can improve them. Learning the basics of non-verbal communication, being a good listener, learning to speak in public to groups, disagreeing without being disagreeable, getting your point across, and networking better.


When running a business, presentations often become a part of everyday life. Some reasons you may need presentations include pitching to prospective clients and investors, public speaking at events, and teaching or training your staff. Developing business presentation skillsis key as it can help build your brand and make you an authority in your industry if you seem knowledgeable, confident, and well-informed. There are many ways to develop this skill, however, practice makes perfect. The more that you present and the more you develop your public speaking skills, the better you’re likely to get at it. You should also remember to learn how to summarize and organize information in a way that’s easy to digest. Getting straight to the point can help to keep people’s attention as well.


Knowing how to multi-task is essential when running a business. This may be especially true if you’re in the early stages of running a business and outsourcing is outside of your budget. It is important, however, that you know the difference between effective and ineffective multi-tasking to avoid micromanaging and derailing your business. Some ways to train your brain to effectively multi-task include working on related tasks simultaneously, making sure your to-do list is visible,and ensuring you refine your memory. You should also be careful not to fall into the trap of being busy as opposed to productive. To avoid this, you should prioritize core tasks and do them before moving onto those that are less important. Overall, it can be a skill that helps you save time and get the job done.

There is no perfect recipe for running a business. There are,however, certain ingredients that you can add to your personal recipe that will likely give you a decent outcome. Some of these ingredients are excellent communication skills, multi-tasking, and learning how to deliver killer presentations. Mastering such skills should help you stand out in your business industry and may also open more doors and opportunities for you.

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