Why It Makes Sense To Have a Car Battery Charger In Tow

One of the overlooked parts of a car is the battery. It is responsible for making sure that all electronic-related parts of a car (i.e. headlights, heater, and radio) function accordingly, driven with the right amount of current usually regulated by an alternator. In some cases, batteries get abnormal drains because the charging sent off is not normal, either overcharged or undercharged.


The best way to make sure that a car gets the suited amount of power is to have it frequently checked by an experienced electrician. They normally start by checking the voltage reading and then turn on the headlights, air conditioning system and so on. From there, a gauge can show an electrician and the car owner if the car is charging satisfactorily. If not, tracing the root cause needs to be done.

There are many reasons behind the abnormal charging of car batteries. There could be something wrong with the alternator, voltage regulator or even the battery itself. The latter is only normal since there are manufacturers who unknowingly sell a defective battery. This could be due to bad electronic plates or one that get past quality checks for one reason or another.

Getting the best car battery charger should make sense, particularly for folks who have old car models. There are some who overlook checking the charge of a car battery. Ideally, these last for 2 to 3 years, depending on how well the current flows through time. Old batteries can be recharged although this is more of a temporary solution. The fact remains that batteries need to be charged after the given life span. Failure to do so will eventually lead to batteries going dead – regardless of how often they are recharged.

For those who are observant, there are hints when a car battery is about to die down. This includes an abnormal performance of car headlights, horns, or even hard starting. Once drained, a car will give off a clicking sound and not start. Once this happens, the car battery should be the first thing checked. To be sure, it would be best to try and replace it or try a battery series cable to another car which has a good performing battery.

Car battery chargers are also another alternative. In fact, one can at some point start the car with the charger hooked up. If the charge is sufficient, it would be best to disconnect the car charger and allow the alternator to regulate the charging.

Take note that there are slow and fast charge rates as well when using a battery charger. Of the two, the slow charge rate is deemed better since it is safer and puts less stress on the battery – meaning the battery will last longer. Fast charge rates are ideal when emergencies arise, meaning frequently doing this may eventually have ill-effects on the battery. Hence, use the fast charge rate only when needed.

Do take note that it was mentioned earlier on that the usual life span of a car battery is 2 to 3 years. This may vary. Aside from making sure that it is charged properly, proper maintenance can prolong its useful life. Regular checking of electrolyte levels should help.

Electrolytes should always cover the lead plates of each cell to avoid the plates from being exposed to the air. Failure to do so will cause issues. These are plain things one can do to make sure that their car performs properly with a reliable and well-maintained car battery.  

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