Advice For Businesses Working With Independent Contractors

It’s common for businesses to want to look for help beyond company walls and hire independent contractors for particular work assignments. While it sounds like a good plan at first, it can be complicated and stressful if you don’t approach the relationship and process the right way.

There are certain areas to pay attention to that you need to conduct professionally if you want to experience positive results. Contractors aren’t technically employees,and that’s what makes it a bit trickier. As long as you have your processes and requirements set, you shouldn’t have any issues,and you’ll likely find a lot of success from using this approach.

Advice For Businesses Working With Independent Contractors

Conduct Interviews ForThe Best Candidate

Don’t assume because someone comes to you or was recommended for the contractor position that they should be hired. Conduct interviews like you would anyone else and talk to several people before you even think about making a decision. Even though this person may not be in the office each day, you still want to know that they fit in with the culture and have the skills to perform the job duties.

Set Expectations

You not only want to set expectations but do it early in their hiring process. Make sure you run your new hire through an HR presentation,and they understand what’s required of them while they work for you. Confirm there’s no confusion before they leave the building and begin their responsibilities. It’s vital that they meet their boss and spend time hashing out assignments and their schedule. You want this person to feel welcomed and, at the same time, know you mean business. The more detailed you are initially, the better working relationship you’ll have throughout their time with you.

Discuss Payment

Discuss how and when they’ll get paid and what you need from your contractor to initiate the process. Make sure they understand what documents and forms of identification you need when you’re getting them set up in the system. They may also ask about tax forms at this time. Use an online program to get them their 1099 forms quickly and efficiently. Take time to learn more about why they need this form and the difference between a full-time employee and a hired contractor.

Make Them Feel Like Part Of The Team

It’s easy to forget about your contractors when they’re working remote and don’t visit the office often. Make it a point to invite them in for particular meetings and team building activities. It’s a good idea to introduce them to everyone and make them feel like they’re part of the group. You never know who’s going to need to work with this person, so it’ll be good to have a foundation already in place. It’s important you areproactive about not making your independent contractors feel like outsiders.

There are many benefits to working with independent contractors, but you have to bring them on board the right way. Don’t be haphazard about it or your work and relationship with them may suffer. A contractor is a worthwhile investment, andmany businesses have found much success with it already.

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