3 Most Affordable Digital Marketing Options


With 64% of Americans owning a smartphone, and the average smartphone user looking at their phone for 4.7 hours a day, it makes sense that your company needs to be looking into digital marketing. Accessing individuals through their smartphone screens can take many different forms. You may be wondering whether you need to use Search Engine Optimization (SEO), social media advertisements, SMS text messages or even in-app ads.

While every business and consumer are different, there are several ways that have been proven to work when marketing to the American consumer. But, as with any marketing tactic, your company must assess cost versus returns. Is this monetary investment going to pay off in improved revenue? Included here are a few of the most affordable, but successful, digital marketing options.

Search Engine Optimization

At the forefront of digital marketing is SEO. Over 91% of internet users never look past the first page of search results. Have you Googled your company? Where you rank on that page, and whether you make it to the first page, can be the deciding factor in your online success. Many companies choose to utilize SEO as a way to guarantee a first page ranking and boost their revenue.

As far as the cost, much SEO marketing can be obtained for a small monthly fee. Within this cost, an SEO company will work to ensure you stay on the first page of organic search engine rankings through keyword use. Staying high in the search engine rankings will allow you to boost your website traffic and, in effect, your business and revenue.

SMS Text Messaging

The average smartphone owner can’t go six minutes without checking their phone, and often unlocks their phone over 110 times per day. Not to mention, when a notification of a text message comes in, most people feel compelled to check their phone. How can businesses tap into this marketing potential? By utilizing SMS text messages. So for new and existing businesses of any size, it can be greatly beneficial to look at establishing mass SMS marketing using text message software to improve business growth and awareness.

An easy way to perform an SMS marketing campaign is by putting out a call-to-action. This can be as simple as: “text ‘slurpee’ to 999999 for your chance to win a week of free slurpees!” By calling the customer to action, they are taking the first step in communication and giving your company their cell number. By obtaining this phone number, you now have access to SMS marketing directly to the consumer’s phone.

Social Media Advertising

Utilizing social media as a marketing tool can be remarkably effective, and virtually free! By promoting your business on a variety of online platforms you can create brand recognition and loyalty. Spend time posting humorous articles about your industry or creating online discussions with consumers. Reaching out in this manner can create a community of consumers that boosts your revenue, for a very small monetary investment!

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