Review of DealGuru : A Branch of AskMeBazaar


India has undergone a great change over the past few years and it’s due to the fact that the shopping industry is moving onto the online platform. Online shopping is pretty famous in the western society but in this Asian perspective, things aren’t similar. But, people are getting more attention from the online users and [...]

How to Save Money on Auto Insurance

save money on insurance

The desire to save some moneyon auto insurance is not a unique one. Every motorist would like to cut down the costs of their auto insurance. However many motorists fear that cheap auto insurance will result in their having to cope with poor customer service or a fraudulent company. This however isn’t always true. There [...]

4 Social Media Snafus Your Business Must Avoid

social media business

Your social media presence is one of the cornerstones of your online marketing strategy. It’s essential to prioritize these posts, because they provide you with valuable opportunities for public outreach that other platforms cannot match. Like any tool, however, social media can so easily be employed in the wrong way, and wind up hurting your [...]

AskMe Android App: Bapp of All Apps is Here


ASKME: “The BAPP Of all Apps” is an All In One Awesome Android Application. It has details of millions of companies within your city in India. This application has choices to locate your local merchants & listings, Classified Ads, Best deals, Buy-Sell stuffs and much more than that . These all the things are available [...]

High Risk Merchants Can Accept Credit Cards

High Risk Merchant

Most businesses never think twice about the requirements for obtaining a merchant account. After all, the typical business only needs to fill out some paperwork and plug in their credit card processing machines (or set up the appropriate software on their computers and/or website), and they’re good to go. But this luxury is one that [...]