Split the Check with Ease and Save Yourself Some Stress

Ask any waiter or waitress about the hassle of splitting a check and you’re bound to hear some stories. Either the POS system won’t cooperate, or the party is paying with different methods, something always goes wrong when the check has to be split. For the wait staff though, there are steps that can be […]

Top Technologies To Save Money For Your Business

Technology may seem expensive when you first make your purchase, but we all know the lasting benefits of a solid technology can save you hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars, depending on the size of your business.  Technology will help you do more, do it better, and do it faster.  Thus, producing more revenue becomes […]

Effective Real Estate Tips That You Should Always Remember

In the recent years, you must have noticed the increased demands of pent up housing with strong economic growth. According to the prediction of National Association Of Home Builders (NAHB), the demands of home sector of single families will rise this year and will definitely outperform the last year’s demands. Let us discuss some tips […]

Top Tips For First Time Homeowners To Avoid

Rookie blunders come with the territory of buying a home for the first time. Especially in regards to the millennial generation, where renting versus buying a home becomes the most imperative question to first ask. As with many things that you invest in with life, whether or not you made the right decision usually can’t […]

EMV Smart Cards Replace Magnetic Strip Based Credit/Debit Cards

As established by influential report from that bastion of finances Barclay’s, the United States accounts for about one quarter of the world’s credit card sales. Reflecting just how badly behind that nation is in maintaining secure financial networks, according to that bank’s report, nearly half of all worldwide credit card fraud occurs there. The reason for that difference in fraud results in the […]

Career Alternatives for the artistically inclined  

An artistic mind should never go unused. If you are passionate and talented about art, why settle for a career stuck in a cubicle daydreaming, twiddling your thumb and avoiding eye contact with your boss? If finding a job correlated to your imaginative skillset seems unrealistic, think again. Artistry is an indispensable talent as well […]

Small Business Finance – Guide to Choosing the Right Bank

Every business, irrespective of size has to have growth ambitions, and it is vital that it has the support of reliable finance sources throughout its life. As a small business owner, when you are starting out, it is necessary that you find a bank or a lender that fits the needs and scale of your […]

Facebook Send Free Internet Across Africa From Satellites

Since landing its 1 billionth new user back in the last quarter of 2012, Facebook has been looking to new territories to sustain its market dominance. And now, it seems like the social networking site has found a new avenue for user growth. Speaking to reporters on Oct. 5 2015, Facebook co-founder and CEO Mark […]

3 Ways To Save Money On Flooring Replacement

The one area of your home that gets used and abused the most is the flooring. Think about it: you can’t get to any place in your home without using the flooring. Regardless of how often you use the shower or sit on your couch, some type of flooring is being used at any given […]