Finding the Right Call Center for Your Business

call center for business

Your company may be growing, taking on new accounts and generating higher profits. While this is great for business, there may be growing pains when it comes to dealing with the increased traffic. Hiring a call center is one of the best ways to handle this new business without swamping your current employees. There are [...]

CRM Mobile Apps to Help You Manage Business Contacts


Many of us use customer relationship management (CRM) databases on desktops from our offices. These solutions allow us to wrangle any number of client contacts, pipeline opportunities, and follow up tasks. However, what if you could take the power of the CRM and carry it with you on your mobile phone? This is particularly advantageous [...]

Best Legal Services for Businesses

legal services

Businesses always need to consider the possibilities of encountering legal trouble. Other business partners might create problems that lead to serious conflicts. Similarly, unhappy customers can file lawsuits for an array of reasons starting with defective products and improper service. Business owners should build good relations with local lawyers that are qualified to handle a [...]

Winning More Jobs for Your Business


Janitorial bid software is the most effective way for a cleaning business to produce proposals for their potential customers. Every office or home that needs a cleaning crew will review bids carefully, and only the best bids are going to win the job. A business cannot survive by only offering the cheapest service. Customers appreciate [...]

Digital Time Clocks Save Company Funds


When it comes to tracking employee time, accuracy is key. Labor accounts for one of the largest expenses that most companies face, and it is important to keep accurate records of employee time. Using electronic time clocks and individual ID cards will protect your business and help you save money on payroll and other labor [...]