Elastos Creating a Smart Economy

Elastos has been a new concept on the horizon and looking to create a new world of Blockchain technology. The new age internet that it is planning to bring in is a sure sign of a revolution. Making people own the digital assets they buy and being able to sell them is the best that can happen to your internet consumption. We will understand the rationale behind Elastos and its unique presentation.

Cryptocurrency has been going through a huge change and it shows in a host of crypto coins that are being launched globally. With that backdrop, there are several new concepts that have been making use of the Blockchain technology and crypto coin technology outside the confinement that they have so far been into.

Elastos is an attempt at freeing up internet as such. Planned to be the best and new age internet for consumption, the Elastos Smart Web is indeed set to make a huge difference.

The Elastos Concept

Elastos rightly understands the power of the Blockchain technology and is set to make the best use of it for an enhanced internet experience. Instead of the need for the digital assets to go through the intermediaries, Elastos will make use of the Decentralised Apps or DApps to make them accessible directly between the buyers and sellers. It is set to digitise the assets into wealth.

Elastos is made of four basic pillars to make it possible –

Elastos Blockchain

The Blockchain technology will make use of its ability to create Elastos Smart Web. The technology will let you create a digital ID for the digital assets. All your requests will move through the Elastos network and NOT THROUGH the Internet.

Elastos Runtime

Elastos Runtime will form part of the new operating system on which the Decentralised Apps will run. The operating system can run either on your phone or computer. In fact, it can run within the existing operating system on your device.


Elastos Carrier

The Elastos Carrier is the decentralised platform wherein a peer to peer marketplace. This will be where all your traffic would be controlled. The decentralised apps will be served through the Elastos Carrier and not through the regular internet.

Elastos SDK

The Elastos Software Development Kit is what the app developers would need to have access if they want to host their apps on Elastos Smart Web. The kit will let you have access to the features of the platform.

In Conclusion

Elastos is striving to create a smart economy and has been working overtime to make it a success. In fact, Elastos wants to create a smart web that can work faster and efficiently. In addition, it also wants to make it completely decentralised and safer. The use of Blockchain technology and creating an environment for a peer to peer transactions between the parties involved in the transaction would help you achieve the secure, economical and transparent internet that is meant for all, not only for a select few privileged.

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