3 Tips For Spending Less Money With Your Credit Cards

Using a credit card is a great way to build your credit and learn how to responsibly manage both your money and your credit score. However, without the right amount of control and discipline, your credit card use can quickly become very hazardous to your financial health. If you’ve experienced having too much credit card […]

Signs of Financial Intelligence

Having a good head on your shoulders financially means being able to make decisions that not only suit your financial situation in the present but also set yourself up for success at a later time. People who have financial intelligence make decisions that benefit the bigger picture and are carefully thought out tactics based on […]

How to Put Aside Money So You Can Take Control of Your Drug Problem

Drugs are a very real problem in this world and it’s the cartels and other pedlars of the product that are making a ridiculous sum off of the trade and harming other people while they’re at it with no care of the repercussions and what they mean to the world around them. Drugs rape people […]

2 Reasons It’s So Important to Learn to Manage Your Money Young

There are countless skills a person can apply themselves to in life that will benefit them greatly in the short and long run. Some skill sets help a person learn to understand their surroundings better, some teach people to listen, some make people smarter individuals all around. The more that you use something, the stronger […]

Ways to Help People Financially Without Stressing Your Own Pocketbook

  So many people in the world are having financial trouble. You could be making a thousand times more than somebody else, but life circumstances make it so that at the end of the month, the numbers are too close for comfort and it just isn’t in the budget to help others out financially like […]

Foundations of Finance: 6 Tips for Keeping Your Personal And Business Finances Separate

Running your own business presents you with complex challenges on a daily basis. Unfortunately, if you fail to keep your personal and business finances separate, you could be facing an incredibly complex problem come tax time. One of the easiest ways to combat this problem is by separating your finances early on and maintaining impeccable […]

Ducks in A Row: 4 Tips for Putting Yourself On Firm Financial Footing

If there ever was a sensitive topic, it is personal money management. Whether you believe a friend is stingy or a chronic overspender, you are unlikely to bring up their management of personal finance while hanging out. Everyone manages money differently, but that does not mean everyone handles it well. Learning how to make your […]

One Commemorative Coin That Will Pay Off In The Future

Many coins commemorate the Battle of Britain. They are of great interest to collectors and others. People like the images intended to remember and honor one aspect of the battle or another. Collectors find value in it, enough anyway to open their wallet. What Do They Commemorate? These interesting coins do not always represent money. […]

 Financially Feasible ways for owning a Boat

  Somewhere between wind in your hair, salty ocean breezes, fresh sashimi, sandals and cigars, misty mornings, orange cream sunsets, chardonnay and deep sea dinners with friends and family lies one of life’s great luxuries—owning a boat. For those of us lucky enough to have a boat, attempting to describe to others the feeling of […]