What is Ampyra Copay Assistance Program ?


Ampyra is a medication that is good for those facing MS. Many types of medications come to deal with MS. But this medicine mainly works to help people improve their walking.

What is Ampyra Copay Assistance Program

The conditions that come with MS become very challenging for people to walk. Unlike other MS treatments, it is the best one that does not change the course of the disease and mainly intends to help people move easily.

The medication involves expensive treatments, so to reduce the money, assistance programs come up with different free insurance to help people afford medicines.

Essential Safety Information

Ampyra is a release tablet of 10 MG, the first-ever prescription medicine brand to help adults walk easily. Even with MS, they can demonstrate walk-in speed. So here you go with the list of some safety measures to consider when taking medicine.

Don’t take medicine when you have –

  • Kidney problems
  • Allergic to dalfampridine since it is the active ingredient of the medicine.
  • Ever had seizure


Before taking ampyra –

  1. Tell the doctor about your medical conditions thoroughly.
  2. If you have taken other prescriptions or medicines
  3. Pregnant or planning

Ampyra insurance coverage

There are a lot of companies that offer people to take the insurance for the medical conditions. However, many people can’t afford to buy the medicines but face the troublesome diseases. The insurance coverage for ampyra makes people eligible if they have taken programs. Commercial insurance can be enjoyed by an individual who covers their entire medical cost of ampyra. With the simple law, people can get assistance for ampyra.

Talk when you need it

The consumption of ampyra is important for treating MS walking situations. To get personalized service, you can directly contact the company. They include the professionals who guide you with every step you take for the medicine.

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