Ways to save money on a tight budget ?

Nowadays most of the people spend more money for buying their essential needs. All must have the habit of spending less amount of money since spending of more money will lead to a big problem at the end of the month. So habit of overspending must be avoided. There are many common methods for saving money which don’t appear to make very big difference to motivate changes.

Ways to save money on a tight budget

Some of theĀ Ways to save money on a tight budget today are


A utility which represents a huge portion of your budget every month because you all require internet facilities for cell phone services and laptops for your works, so when considering that you can make your limited budget in electricity, gas and water bills. Here is some of the base which is used do to cut your utility cost for the months are

Unplug electronics

You should notice that electronics are in off position and your power cable is switched off, if it is not use, if it is in always on board which will cost more power so see that you keep your power switches off when it is not in use. And invest little amount for energy saving power strip for your computer TV and other equipments which is automatically will cut off power when it is not in use.

Seal off Drafts

During winter months there will be higher amount produced in heating bills, so if your home is less than efficient before you enter into the cold season check the gaps around your doors and windows and seal them off with foam to keep the heat moisture in your home and which will prevent heating bills.

Use programmable thermostat

This programmable thermostat is an excellent investment which can be efficiently used for controlling the temperature in different season for example during winter season which can lower the heat at night and which will increase the temperature in the morning and this will help to allow the house to become cooler all the day. And by only using heat on air conditioning when you are in home then wasting it whole the day and night so this will help to save energy cost.

Try to eliminate unnecessary costs

Unnecessarily the power cable will be plugged in many charges to see that the cables which are not in use plug out the power cables instead of inserting in the power. Where this will also increase the expensive of cable package and this might cheaper internet based TV services.

Grocery list

Groceries are also one of the biggest and fixed costs of the entire month. A family with 4 members will typically cost around rs500 per week for groceries and toiletries so in order to reduce those expenses it is also and another method to save cost by buying in bulk. Here where meat is very expensive so pay only few days per week for meet while other days jump onto vegetarian foods.

City activities

Your children will participate more of the city activities see that they participate in the Low cost City activities comparatively to higher cost. It is a great way to keep your children’s involved without going to the high price of private activities in your areas.

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