Easy Ways to Promote Less Stress from the Clutter in the House

The condition of your house has the capacity to increase your stress levels. When a home is cluttered with various items such as toys, dirty clothes, food containers and dishes, it can weigh heavy on your consciousness. While vigorously cleaning the home can promote a happier and healthier lifestyle, there are several things you can do that can attribute to a continuous stress-free environment. According to this blog post , “Many studies link health issues such as asthma, lead poisoning, and injury to hazards in the home.”

Easy Ways to Promote Less Stress from the Clutter in the House

 Laundry and the Family

Getting everyone involved with maintaining their own share of the laundry can help keep it off the floors. According to Mary Atkinson of Urban Clotheslines, “Even very young children can help fold the washing out of the drier.” As long as everyone in the household makes a conscious effort to pick up items or put them away when cleaned, the home can become clothing free. For some households, this could make an incredible difference in day-to-day stress levels.

Organizational Shelving

Clutter doesn’t all have to be derived from trash or other items scattered about the house. Many families simply have too much stuff that they don’t know what to do with it all. Little trinkets and doo-dads are littered about because there is no set way of organizing these small items. By implementing shelving or baskets to contain organized products, you can reduce the amount of clutter that is stepped on or tripped over around the house. How often have you broken a favorite object because it wasn’t put away and something else smashed into the item?

Walk-by Trashing

Get everyone in the home in the habit of picking up trash when walking across the house. It takes very little time to bend over and grab a piece of trash and throw it away. This creates less time spent actively cleaning the home later as well as promote a less stressful environment. For some children, it could take a bit of coercing in order to make it a habit. However, it’s worth the trouble if your home begins to shed those trash pounds before the winter. This also promotes a healthier home as bacteria has less chance to develop from food items left in the middle of the stairwell and other areas.

Closet Organizers

A lot of the clutter you may have scattered about the house could belong in someone’s closet rather than the floor or on top of the counter in the kitchen. Closet organizers can be as simple or as elaborate as you want and can store a great number of objects and clothing. Are shoes scattered about your front door entryway creating a tripping hazard? An optimized closet can help even young children learn where such items can go instead of the middle of the floor.

These are only a few things you can do to help keep the clutter to a minimum. While you may still have specific cleaning days, there is something to be said about preventative maintenance. If you want to improve your stress levels, start with a cleaner home.

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