Dress For The Job You Want


Sometimes it can be hard to stand out in the office, and if you are an ambitious businessman, this can be frustrating. You have the skills and the drive to make serious money, so why can’t your superiors recognize that?

One thing that holds some people back is that they are not dressing for success. If you come into work dressed in a slovenly way or looking like you just rolled out of bed, naturally the higher management will not see you as someone who is trying to advance!

Keep It Clean, Guys

You would be surprised by the effect that a simple grooming ritual can have on your appearance. Simply showering and shaving every day has a drastic impact on both how other people see you, and how you see yourself.

When you are fresh out of the shower and smelling great, your perception of yourself is improved. Studies show that this improves your body image and confidence. You probably already know that in the workplace, confidence is key – clients and coworkers will flock to someone who acts with confidence, assuming they must know what they’re doing.

Figure Out What Suits You

We’ve all heard the phrase, “Dress for the job you want, not for the job you have.” You will be amazed by how true this is! Many young professionals make the mistake of dressing too casually for a workplace, taking “work casual” a little too seriously!

Instead, dress up a little to keep yourself looking sharp. A button-down shirt is mandatory, as are pressed slacks and a good pair of leather shoes. If you feel the need to inject a little flair into your outfit, try a bright or patterned pair of socks for some individuality that doesn’t go over the top.

Invest in a good suit, too. A suit off the rack will probably fit poorly and make you look like a kid at their aunt’s wedding. A good-quality, fitted suit will make you look like an adult and a professional. Be ready to spend a little extra for that perfect fit.

Accessories Finish It Off

Accessories have long been a status symbol for men and women of means. Although we like to pretend “money doesn’t matter” when giving gifts, most people would be delighted to receive an expensive bottle of whiskey or a beautiful, pricey piece of jewelry.

If you want to project the image that you are a successful businessman earning good money, accessories are a great way to do it. A nice watch is a great way to reward yourself for closing a big deal. A fine leather briefcase will bring gravitas to your business dealings and looks much more professional than carrying important papers around in a backpack or polyester laptop bag.

Look The Part

If you have the skills to be a great businessman, show your clients that by looking the part. Follow the simple steps in this guide and you’ll be turning heads all over the office.

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