Cyware: The Cyber Security App You Need

Former U.S President Ronald Reagan once said “Information is the oxygen of the modern age. It seeps through the walls topped by barbed wire, it wafts across the electrified borders.” This is so true of the postmodern world. Information channels are the blood supply lines of this world. Any breach or intrusion in the supply line can lead to loss of blood (information) which can reduce the efficiency of the entire system and have serious consequences. This is why Cyber security in particular and Internet security newsin general are now globally recognized as key parameters to ensure safety and security of the information networks.


What does one need to make cyber security and internet security foolproof? Something more than just a security team and security software is required. It is Cyber Awareness which completes the loop of security and key to the awareness is the constant and continuous monitoring of global happenings, processing the information and taking learnings from that and this is what exactly Cyware; a first of its kind cyber security App offering niche features in mobile environment does.

It is an App which more or less can be called a personal cyber search engine as it scans the internet for hundreds and thousands of cyber security news articles, blogs, interviews etc published daily and selects the best one among them. It crisply summarizes the news and the views of experts while retaining essential facts and figures. These summaries can be readily consumed by the user.

The Cyware user always remains a step ahead of the attackers as he knows the latest trends, existing vulnerabilities and their update patches, steps being taken by competent security organizations, lessons from past breaches and attacks, new malwares, expert opinions, upcoming technologies and research among many other things.

Above all Cyware feeds also act as threat intelligence which can be readily shared with leadership team, peers, security operations team, clients. Powered by IBM’s Watson technology, Cyware releases timely updates of the cyber news as and when it rolls in. A general internet user benefits by ensuring internet security which comes through by remaining aware about the latest frauds and scams, security tips on how to safeguard his social media account and online bank accounts, how not to fall prey to social engineering and end up paying ransom or losing confidential data. On the other hand cyber security professionals would love this App. Well, who would not want a personal cyber security assistant which does the real hard work?

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