Attracting Talent – Important Benefits All Small Businesses Should Offer

The benefits that an employer provides can help attract the best talent to the work force, and it can help retain employees as well. The trick is in getting the right benefits that are attractive to those looking for new employment but also will retain employees. The place to start in determining which benefits to offer begins with what benefits top notch job seekers expect from an employer. The following are some of the most expected benefits.

A good health care plan

Every employer wants to offer a good health plan, but too often the employer will look at how much benefit can be obtained within a budget. This is the wrong approach to take. It is best to look at what quality employees expect from their prospective employer, and then determine how much can be fit into the budget of your company. Keep in mind that the best workers will always look at a benefit package, so if you are attempting to recruit for a particular position in your company and offer a good salary, it may not be enough. It is common for an individual to take a similar position at another firm for slightly less money because the benefit package was superior.

At the top of the list of benefits is going to be a good health care plan, so spend some time looking at the plans that are within your budget but will also help to recruit and keep quality employees. Naturally, people want to have the widest coverage possible, and this includes dental, so if possible, you should try to include a dental plan. Prospective employees will also want to have low deductibles and low co-pays as well as a wide range of choices for doctors and healthcare facilities.

 The amount of vacation time available

This is an overlooked benefit to employees, but it is often not appreciated by an employer. Although vacation time is taken for granted by the employer, there can be a wide range of policies for vacations. Examples are the amount of time an employer must work to earn vacation time as well as how much they earn during this time. The maximum amount of vacation allowed is also important. Some employers will not give more than two weeks vacation time, while others will offer long-term employees more time as a reward for their loyalty to the company.

Non-standard employee benefits

This can include a variety of benefits that cannot be categorized as part of any standard package. It doesn’t have to be anything that is original. In fact, it may be something that is offered by other companies. It is simply a benefit that is not common, and is not found with most companies. One example would be an annual fishing trip for certain employees that serves as both a reward and builds camaraderie in the work force. If you are trying to recruit people who are environmentally conscience and want ride a bike to work, you can have storage areas for bicycles. Another idea might be to offer memberships in a nearby fitness facility. These types of benefits should always be tailored to your business, and the employees you want to work for you.

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