5 key features of Liberty VPS

Have you always wanted to know the “real” reason of your competitor getting an edge over you (always)? And even after strategizing in your board meetings for a more friendly, dedicated, researched, healthy, frequent and informed approach which you maintained with your team, you seem to be “blank” about this basic and most important thing.

Well, what you needed the most is your “professionalism”. Yes, this trait binds us to have “zero tolerance” about the substandard services from both “buyers and sellers” point of view

Yes, now have you ever asked yourself regarding how a substandard or “low quality” service can actually dampen your spirits of making it “big” in the industry? Well, if you haven’t thought about it, better be aware. Yes, as a marketing head of a software company which has been into creating software for companies, “a professionalized hosting service” is something which I needed anyhow. However, I mistakenly compromised on this aspect with an idea of saving few dollars. Yes, the work got a beating. Downtime of my website which was happening “rarely” became a routine affair, and I started losing “potential” clients.

The best hardware resource you can possibly get

However, the moment I got in touch with Liberty VPS, I realized how careless and stubborn I had been uptill now. Since, it uses the most perfect hardware resource which can electrify the speed of your website.

Payment through Bit-Coin

Do you know why it has become next to impossible for people to be anonymous online? Well, it is because of their professional commitments which do require them to use their card online and you know the rest. Pleasantly, countering such a thing, liberty VPS accepts bit-coins which ensure an anonymous way of payment. Yes, through Bit-Pay system, the money from your Bit-coin gets debited to finally signal that the payment has been done. Due to its ever increasing use, this futuristic method opens a promising way for people who have been desperately looking for some creative method such as these, uptill now.

Offshore VPS

What I have experienced after taking service of Liberty VPS which is based in Netherlands is that, we should favor “service providers” who really excel in their fields. Yes, there is no harm to in going with the entity, provided its excellence and methodology has been proved. Yes, as per its geographical location, it has become the centre of providing key and pivotal services for the clients across the globe.

The “increased privacy” you can expect

Hackers may have to switch over to different jobs as it seems that the world is taking the service of Liberty VPS. I mean, no one can even think about stealing or breaking in your privacy considering their sophisticated encryption algorithms.

Get things working “instantly”

These days don’t we expect instant results? Yes, we can prepare instant coffee etc, and likewise, we also get instant server which is up and running. What made me so happy for choosing the service, that as soon as I made the payment, they set the server with the relevant credentials for ensuring that my website is live immediately.


So, start with things which can take your business to heights. I  have actually experienced a pulse of how bright the future is actually going to be for our ever increasing company. Yes, the boom in our business has already started and it seems that there isn’t going to be any stopping as well.

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