4 Money Saving Party Tips With a Twist for Organizing a Batch Reunion

Hosting a batch reunion is a terrific way to reconnect with old friends or classmates who’ve been separated for years, thanks to life’s many opportunities and changes. How you arrange your batch reunion might be different from the way other people might host theirs, but the goal is the same: to get your old friends and classmates together again.

It might initially seem like a substantial project, but hosting this type of reunion does not require excessive amounts of money. With the following four tips, you can throw a batch reunion that’s under budget and wholly enjoyable.

1. Think outside of town

money saving tips

It’s tempting to want to host your batch reunion somewhere near your old school or frat house, but the costs can add up. Since you’ll likely need the space in a hotel ballroom for the reunion, consider finding a hotel space that’s near, but outside of, town.

This will lower the cost of the reunion in two ways. First, because it’s not a hot downtown location, the rental price for a ballroom is considerably less expensive. Also, when you block group rates for rooms, classmates and old friends will save on their room for the weekend.

2. Use electronic invitations

In the past, batch reunion invitations were printed on heavy card stock with school or fraternity or sorority logos and many other expensive details. Today, however, the E-vite is the most loved, trusted, and simple way to send out an invitation.

Not only will you save on stamps and the cost of printing, but the price per couple or person your guests are required to pay will drop. You’re more likely to see a bigger attendance at your batch reunion if the cost is kept to a minimum. Since the overall expense of the event is split between the guests who RSVP, it’s imperative to keep their price down.

3. Skip the formal meal

Yes, formality is always nice, but you can serve a bevy of appetizers that are just as appetizing and decadent. This is a cost-effective way to feed guests of your batch reunion while still ensuring that everyone has plenty to eat and something for every palate.

By choosing a theme that relates to your reunion group, you can keep the cost down further. For example, if it’s a fraternity reunion, theme the party to go along with your frat-house days, which were likely filled with chicken wings and other easy-to-eat finger foods.

Not only will everyone get a kick out of returning to their school days, they’ll love the food and they’ll feel more comfortable a lot faster.

4. Hire a good band

A DJ might seem a bit expensive, but a band is not necessarily any more. When you book a band to entertain your guests, you’ll save money without sacrificing entertainment value. Many Austin cover bands will rock your reunion with their ability to play any type of music from any genre.

What makes a reunion memorable is a great time. When your reunion guests are inspired to get up and dance, they’re going to have more fun. The ice will break, the time will pass quickly, and everyone will enjoy a carefree evening of catching up, dancing, and reminiscing.

A batch reunion doesn’t have to be something that costs a lot of money. The point is not to spend as much as possible, it’s to spend as much time together catching up as possible. Your batch reunion is your chance to introduce your old friends and classmates to the new you, your family, and your life.

They’re all looking forward to doing the same, and they’re going to be far more eager to do so if the price is right.

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