3 Safe Ways to Spend Money Online

As much as life requires you to spend money, all methods of doing so are not equal. Money is the thing that everybody in life strives for. It’s an idea, it’s a god, it’s a lifestyle, it’s a motivation, and it’s also a million other things. When you evaluate your life and how you spend your money, what does it say about you and about the things you enjoy and put emphasis on? Do you spend your money on others, on yourself, or do you use your money to make more money?

As you ask yourself these questions, also ask yourself if you’re spending money in ways that are safe. It’s okay to get a little wild and have some fun sometimes, but if you make a habit of being reckless with your finances, you might find that your finances start turning red in the bank, and this will give you a lot of problems.

To begin exercising safe money habits within your personal life, start with these 3 safe ways to spend money online, because as was stated before, not all methods are equal:

Through Approved Browsers

There are a lot of people in the world who make their money by stealing from others. They prey on the unsuspecting, they take advantage of those who don’t know better, and somehow they get by living this life of crime. Your best weapon in this scenario is to be informed. To stop yourself from being taken advantage of, be sure that you’re operating online only through websites that have approved SSL certificates.

The little green arrow in the browser assures you that the site is safe and no malware threats are at bay while you’re on their site. This will give you peace of mind when spending money through various cyber outlets.


If you don’t like to use your personal information and personal cards online, you have the option to go through a service like PayPal. PayPal has been around long enough that it has a name developed for itself and is a trusted brand, but there are also other mediums by which you can go through to do all of your invoicing and transactions online. The thing with PayPal is that depending on the service, they will take a cut of the money you transfer through the system, so if you don’t want that to happen, you might just stick to using the next safe method of online payment:

Credit Card

As a rule of thumb, you never want to use a personal debit card as a method of payment online because if you get hacked, that’s a direct line to your personal money and all of your personal information. To keep yourself safe, use a credit card with all web-based transactions. You’ll build credit and you’ll also protect yourself from hackers because if it happens to you and you used a credit card, the credit card company will take care of the damage.

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