000webhost Features and Indepth Review

Webhost is one entirely free web hosting platform where you get a chance to enjoy all the essential features of web hosting for free.  If you are beginning with the online web hosting project for the very first time and want to test out some innovative ideas with your website, the 000webhost can turn out to be an excellent way to go for giving you access to everything including shared, dedicated, and VPS hosting services.

Webhost Essential Features

000webhost has some essential and unique features that you will hardly get to see in any other web hosting platform.

Free web hosting services

This is something that sets apart 000webhost from all the other platforms. When you talk about “free” stuff, you might have a mindset of websites that are loaded with various ads and slow loading of the pages. This is not what you would experience while using 000webhost. The free hosting facilities and services provided by this platform come without any attached strings. You do not come across any stuffed ads, popups, or anything that will disturb your work online.

The paid accounts subsidize the free accounts at 000webhost.com. The free hosting plan provided by this site is too generous as it offers 1500 MB disk space along with 100 GB for data transfers per month. This is all you need to power personal websites as you do not require a high amount of bandwidth for this purpose. Talking about being generous, 000webhost comes with free Cpanel and enables 2 MySQL databases as well as PHP.

If you are looking for extreme robust features such as ruby on rails or support system that can be controlled over the phone or through live chat, you will need to get a paid plan. The users who are looking for a web hosting plan for simply hosting their blogs or portfolio or small-scale business websites, 000webhost are the best that fits the bill. If you want to create some site building, 000webhost will help you in stress-free experimentation.

Site Reptile Building at 000Webhost

Most of the web hosting service providers offers WYSIWYG. The thing that makes 000webhost.com Site reptile different is that where most of the other services provide limited access to the customers to do things accordingly, 000webhost comes with numerous add-ons. With the help of numerous add-ons, you can bring exciting features to your website. Add-ons available here include photo galleries, news publishing systems, vote polls, etc.

These are the small things to name, but they can certainly make a difference in promoting your website in much more advanced and interesting manner. Even if you have little knowledge about coding and designing, 000webhost helps you with every step and makes you a champion in making cool websites.

It also comes with numerous design templates that you can choose from to make your website unique and appealing. Site reptile is available in both free as well as paid plans when you are using 000webhost.

000webhost’s support system

The support forum provided by 000webhost is unique and one of its kind. This forum offers you support through phone or live chat. If you get into some unusual problems in the middle of website building on 000webhost, you can get instant help at the forum itself. The forum is not only accessible for answering to forum related problems but you can also ask any HTML or coding issues, and you get instant help from the support executives or other users.

Customer support at 000Webhost

Although you only get a phone or live chat help if you are a registered customer in the web service, the services also offer a range of support forum that can be accessed 27/7 even for the new hosting customers.


  • You get a free hosting plan

000webhost offers free web hosting plans without any ad interruption and also enables more advanced and essential features required for web hosting such as PHP and MySQL.

  • Excellent support

The 000webhost service provider has a support forum available 24/7 and can also be used by the free customers. Only the paid customers for premium packages get access to the phone or live chat helping options.

  • Uptime guarantee

Although it is only meant for the premium users, you get 99.9 percent uptime guarantee.

  • Cheap premium package

Although you will get the free plan for all types of casual work to be done, the premium package is also reasonable and is loaded with loads of amazing features to be enlisted. You will get the costs ranging from $3.99 to $10.98 per month based on what plan you choose.

  • User-friendly

000webhost comes with auto installers with 50 or more scripts that you can install without the help of FTP.


  • Collocated servers

As the servers of 000webhost are not situated in in-house data centers, you do not get any hands or eyes support if you get into trouble. Though this is not a major disadvantage and most of the companies work this way.

  • Weekly backups

Although some reputed companies offer the nightly backups, 000webhost offers weekly automated backups. This is something that you need to consider the most as it is not unusual to lose your website uploads because of unforeseen situations.

  • Shared hosting only

000webhost does not offer to host plans other than the shared hosting plans. If you want your website traffic to increase over time, you need t consider looking for a dedicated server.


000webhost is certainly an amazing starter option to give a try if you are not familiar with creating or running a website of your own. Their chief potential is the free plan they offer which is everything that a paid plan would give but with few limitations added. This is an excellent option for the individuals running a small website or a personal blog. Overall, it is a good platform to create a website for someone who is looking for a user-friendly interface along with sufficient support.

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