Lowering Credit Card Processing Fee Made Possible

credit score is low
When credit cards are accepted in your business, you would have to pay fees for practically everything including set-up, application, as well as customer service and processing. You must however, keep in mind that charges vary from provider to provider. One provider may be advertising a low rate but may be charging more for all... more →
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Hidden Costs In Your Home

Is your home costing you more money than you think? There are many ways that small problems in the home can add up to big unexpected costs. To the inexperienced eye, these problems might be invisible, but they’ll still cost you big bucks if you don’t fix them quickly. Heat Rises Heat in the winter can get expensive, but most... more →
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Three Ways to Increase Sales on Your Website

With the popularity of social media sites and smartphones in full swing, many merchants are able to directly access their target market audience, even while they are on the go. Numerous entrepreneurs are trading brick-and-mortar companies for ecommerce and startup businesses, enabling them to make a living wherever, whenever. In... more →
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How to Start Lowering Your Cooling Bill Today

  Saving money around the house is an issue with which many people struggle. After all, it often seems like you have to choose comfort or money. But, who ever said that you can’t have both? Yes, it’s possible to stay comfortable and keep more of your hard earned money – even during the dog days of summer. You do, however,... more →
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The Subtle Art of Tracking KPIs in Sales: A primer

  Because this is a primer, I’d like to start with what might seem like ridiculous question… What is a business? People’s complicated answers would baffle you and yet the answer is simple. To have a business you need to make something and you have to sell it. It’s obvious right? As for metrics, it goes... more →
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Money Issues With A CPA

A certified public accountant, or CPA, is one who assists individuals, families and businesses with tax concerns and other financial needs or questions. The services provided are different for individuals than they are for businesses, but the methods used are similar. Through the year, employees have taxes taken out of their checks... more →
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What are the best Options for Marketing your site ?

So you have a new online business that you are trying to get off the ground. This is a difficult thing to do, especially with all of the competition out there. Obviously, you will need to market your site. How do you go about doing this? What is the best marketing method to use? The answer is that the methods you choose to use will... more →
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