Should You Take Out A Loan For An Electric Vehicle?

Should You Take Out A Loan For An Electric Vehicle?
Electrical vehicles have a lot of advantages both financially and from a sustainability perspective, but is there room in your budget for one? After all, car repairs are a great investment on traditional cars, but tend to cost a lot more for electric and hybrid vehicles, and why shell out money for a new car if your old one still... more →
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5 Ways To Overcome A Bad Credit History

5 Ways To Overcome A Bad Credit History
Everyone makes mistakes when they are young, and many of us make some pretty hefty financial errors.  A bad credit history can plague a person if left unattended and unmanaged.  Milestones in life are much harder to achieve, and a bad credit rating can affect many other aspects of life. Some employers even consider an applicant’s... more →
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Do You Need That Store Credit Card?

So many places are automatically approving you these days for store credit cards. If you go to Hot Topic and buy some cool punk t-shirt and pay with a credit card, it’s pretty likely the cashier is going to say you’ve been pre-approved. The same thing could happen at other stores as well, but you are never obligated to say “yes”... more →
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How To Pick The Right Credit Card For You

Most people like having at least one credit card in their wallet, whether it’s just to always have some money on hand or to have some emergency money when they need it. Not everyone is wise with credit cards though, and that “smarts” begins the moment you decide you want a credit card. You need to put it in action before you... more →
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5 Easy Money Saving Tips

We all struggle with money. It’s just a part of modern living. However, there are always small things that you can do, that don’t even require working hard, to help you achieve a bit better of a financial balance. And not only does that help you monetarily, it also gives you a psychological boost knowing that you have... more →
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The Steps For Getting Out Of Debt

Approaching Debt Without Freaking Out
Getting out of debt can do a lot for you. Debt keeps you from living your life to the fullest because it makes it so that you can’t get the money you need when you need it. It impedes your ability to own your own home, buy a new car when your old one breaks down, and it can even make it difficult to get hired in at a new company. Debt... more →
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