Guide To Hiring Family Into A Business

Turning your business into a family affair is long established tradition and not something new. It can however be tricky and bring the business down. Hiring a family member for the sake of giving them something to do with their time can end disastrous results. It is important to only bring on board family members who share in the business’ goals. They should have skills that can help the business reach new heights. It is however difficult to be objective when considering family members for a role in the business. These ideas should guide you when recruiting a family member into your business.

Have clear expectations

You should have a clear vision of the family’s role in the business. Clearly spell down their expectations and goals and how they align to the business goals. If they can make a good fit, give them orientation and training into the business practices. Don’t just give an office and a salary to someone just because they are family.

Define their job description

Family members shouldn’t roam around the business looking for somewhere they can be useful. They shouldn’t be a jack of all trades, signing off paychecks one morning and pitching to clients the next. Just like other employees, they should have defined roles and responsibilities with key performance indicators spelt out. If they have to be reassigned to other departments, let it be because they would perform optimally there and not because they are relations. The business is a separate entity from your family.

Groom them for the long-term

The business shouldn’t be an avenue for family members to do something with their lives. They are there because they can offer necessary skills to both the short-term and long-term goals of the business. Have programs to mentor them into the future goals of the business. If possible, let them work in other places besides the business to gain experience.

Don’t feel guilty

At times, you may have bad feelings about bringing family members on board. This will especially come out when relations get preferential treatment to other employees. Treating everyone equally will eliminate feelings of nepotism and favoritism. Set some boundaries for everyone involved.

The business comes first

The business should always come first. Always. If you put family first, you will lose the business then family. Personal expenses shouldn’t be passed on to the business. Remunerations should be competitive and industry-based and not based on relationships. Learn how to come up with competitive salaries while undertaking cost reduction on Overheadwatch.Com. The goals of the business should come first before the family member’s personal goals.

Education is secondary when hiring

Most firms nowadays hire for tangible skills and attitude. Your business shouldn’t be any different. Most of your employees got hired because they could perform in the roles they were interviewing for. Academic credentials will count for nothing if the relations can’t perform in their assigned tasks. Besides, if they are going to bring the boss man attitude, they will be a bad fit for the business. Emotional intelligence is key. This does not mean education is not important.

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