The Profile of A Stockbroker

As a stockbroker your job would be to manage the investments of your clients, whether it is an organization, a company or a small business. Your job is to get the best financial returns through buying and selling various stocks , shares and commodities. One can choose to join a big trading firm or companies […]

An App That Can Help You With Complete Financial Analysis of The Stock Markets

We, the investors, crave for financial analysis. So much so that we would first look it up on the portal, and then would subsequently get onto the website, check our news, business and so on. But what if it was all canvassed on just one portal? Well, then the amount of research that you normally […]

World Economic Forum and Binary Options Trading

The World Economic Forum( WEF ) is a non-profit economic organisation based in Switzerland. It was established in 1971 as the “European Management Forum” by German economist and WEF Executive Chairman, Klaus Schwab. In 1987 the forum was renamed the “World Economic Forum”. The main purpose of the organisation is to improve the state of […]

4 Ways to Tell Whether You’re Ready for Stock Trading

  Trading stocks and their derivatives can be an emotional roller coaster, and it’s not for the faint of heart. But on the alternative side of things, you can’t just put your money in a savings account and lose it slowly to the costs of inflation. So how can you know when you’re ready to […]