3 Safe Ways to Spend Money Online

As much as life requires you to spend money, all methods of doing so are not equal. Money is the thing that everybody in life strives for. It’s an idea, it’s a god, it’s a lifestyle, it’s a motivation, and it’s also a million other things. When you evaluate your life and how you spend your money, what does it say about... more →
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Four Ways To Get Better Control Of Your Money On And Off-Line

Finances are an important part of life. You need money in order to pay your bills, and you need to pay your bills in order to get good credit. Sometimes you need to borrow money, whether it’s through a loan or with a credit card, and you also need to pay that money back, in a prompt way. If you need help keeping track of the money... more →
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3 Ways to Save Money on the Little Things in Day to Day Life

Life is full of opportunities to spend money. Some days it’s easy to go the entire day and not spend a cent, but other days, you find yourself meandering the aisles of the nearest department store and dropping a couple hundred bucks like there’s nothing to it. Everybody needs money to survive in life, but most complain about... more →
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Wellness Money Saving Tips

Many people think that living a life of wellness is costly, but it doesn’t have to be. You can live a life of health and wellness without spending extra money, you just need to know what the important facts are when it comes to being healthy. From saving money on healthy food options, to skipping the gym and working out at home,... more →
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4 Tips for Saving Money on Fine Art Supplies

Life as a starving artist is a less romantic gig than it sounds. While you are able to freely indulge your creative genius, your hunger and food cravings may not be so easy to satisfy. One thing that could be cutting into your food budget is the massive amount of money you have to spend on art supplies. While some supplies are necessary,... more →
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