Surefire Ways to Avoid Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is a word that if spoken leaves the entire human race feeling frightened and clammy inside. You’ve heard the horror stories about people who have had to file for bankruptcy and the situations surrounding it sound absolutely ghastly. There are a lot of unknowns surrounding bankruptcy, and there are many questions that... more →
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5 Best Investments for 2016

With 2015 winding to a close, it is the time of year to begin looking at your investment options for 2016. Good financial health is dependent on planning and opportunity, both of which you will need for your investment portfolio in the new year. Working with your broker can give you a clue on where your money-making opportunities... more →
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4 Ways to Invest Your Money for Post-Retirement Income

The cost of living is rising, and many people find that their pensions and other sources of post-retirement income may not stretch out quite enough to support the living arrangement they had when employed full-time. In fact, this is something that you should start thinking about now – so you can enjoy spending time on that boat... more →
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The Spectrum of Risk and Reward in Investment

Most investors, regardless of experience, understand that there is an inverse relationship between risk and reward in investment. There is actually no risk-proof investment. Even if you sew up cash into your mattress, your buying power will decrease as inflation increases. In order to maintain the real value of your money, you need... more →
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The Various Ways That People Choose Investments

People choose their investments in a number of different ways. Some people choose investments based on a several specific criteria. They go down their list of requirements to see if an investment measures up to their standards. Others select investments based on what appeals to them. Take a look at just a few examples of ways that... more →
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Top Tips For First Time Homeowners To Avoid

Rookie blunders come with the territory of buying a home for the first time. Especially in regards to the millennial generation, where renting versus buying a home becomes the most imperative question to first ask. As with many things that you invest in with life, whether or not you made the right decision usually can’t be determined... more →
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The Investment Square for Novices

There’s an old saying that those people who suddenly come into money most probably won’t be wealthy forever. At times this might be because of just lavish spending, but on other occasions it could be due to poor investment decisions. Unfortunately, unless you are particularly gifted, your shrewdness in relation to investing... more →
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How to Invest Small Amounts of Money

If you’re new to investing it is important that you don’t put too much money into areas that you know very little about.  Instead, investing small amounts of money will not only give you the chance for a reasonable return with minimal risk, but it will also teach you about the investing process.  Having said that, if you have... more →
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