5 Tips When Setting a Budget For Building a Home

Many people have a dream of eventually building their own custom home. Financially and organizationally speaking, this is a huge undertaking, and requires a lot of thought to make things go according to plan. And one of the first big questions you have to consider is – do I have the budget to make this happen? To help you... more →
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Three Rooms To Renovate To Make Your Home Worth More

There are certain rooms, or projects, in your home that by renovating them you can make your home worth more money. While this list does include some that might not give you as much of a return on investment as the others, you will still be increasing the worth of your home by a decent percentage. There are a few main reasons why... more →
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Hidden Costs In Your Home

Is your home costing you more money than you think? There are many ways that small problems in the home can add up to big unexpected costs. To the inexperienced eye, these problems might be invisible, but they’ll still cost you big bucks if you don’t fix them quickly. Heat Rises Heat in the winter can get expensive, but most... more →
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How to Start Lowering Your Cooling Bill Today

  Saving money around the house is an issue with which many people struggle. After all, it often seems like you have to choose comfort or money. But, who ever said that you can’t have both? Yes, it’s possible to stay comfortable and keep more of your hard earned money – even during the dog days of summer. You do, however,... more →
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4 Ways Technology Changed the Home Buying Game

Remember when buying and selling home required a lot of elbow grease and you’d have to drive from open house to open house just to get a genuine idea of a home? For sellers, it means sending postings to every print newspaper, putting up a slew of for sale by owner homes around the neighborhood, and gearing up for some serious... more →
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Three Ways to Guarantee a Successful Move

Everyone dreads a moving day. Friends and family become scarce and for some, it can even be the equivalent of pulling teeth. Frankly, the aggravation and stress during a typical move isn’t always necessary. Proper preparation can eliminate it all. By purchasing a new build property from Linden Homes, you are already making the... more →
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