Post-Military Financial Considerations

Post Military Financial
  Joining the military is never an easy decision, and people will go that route for a million different reasons. And one thing that changes, pretty much for the rest of your life, is your relationship to money. And there are a lot of reasons for that, but the important part is that military veterans work through their post-military... more →
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Signs of Financial Intelligence

Financial Intelligence
Having a good head on your shoulders financially means being able to make decisions that not only suit your financial situation in the present but also set yourself up for success at a later time. People who have financial intelligence make decisions that benefit the bigger picture and are carefully thought out tactics based on... more →
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How to Finance the Purchase of New Technology

  In an ideal world we would be able to buy everything our little hearts desired. Sadly most of us are not that lucky and any expensive purchases require forethought and planning. Owning the latest technology is pretty cool. It is great to be able to watch movies on a surround sound home entertainment system or log into Facebook... more →
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